Religious Transformation in South Asia

My doctoral research focused on low-caste Indian conversions to Catholic and Protestant Christianity around the turn of the twentieth century.

I explored the various meanings of conversion to the individuals and larger groups who converted to Christianity – from an act of rebellion by the politically powerlessness against oppressive landlords and higher castes, to a sense that a long-expected divine intervention in their affairs was finally coming to pass. And by comparing Catholic and Protestant experiences and rhetoric, I tried to understand the South Asian, British, and Belgian mission personnel who were a part of that world.

The result of the research was a book: Religious Transformation in South Asia: the Meanings of Conversion in Colonial Punjab. You’d be very welcome indeed to buy it here, or to read it via Oxford Scholarship Online, if you have access.

An article on ‘The Christian Village Experiment in Punjab: Social and Religious Reformation’ was published in the journal South Asia (2008).