October 2014 – Three new publications featuring Kosawa Heisaku

temp1) A chapter of mine on Kosawa Heisaku features in the latest volume of Japanese Contributions to Psychoanalysis (December 2013). You can read it here.


2) I published a piece on ‘Japanese Psychoanalysis and Buddhism: the Making of a Relationship’ in History of Psychiatry journal earlier this year. If you have access to the journal, you can read the piece here.


3) Finally, together with my colleagues Iwata Fumiaki and Yoshinaga Shin’ichi I’ve put together an edited collection of writings on how religions and psychotherapies have intertwined with one another in modern Japan. Alongside my general and introductory material, there is a chapter devoted to Kosawa Heisaku, written by Professor Iwata. You can take a look here.


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